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About Us

Phoenix Flooring is a locally owned wood flooring installation business, established in 2007. Bolivar (Bo) de Souza and his team are skilled craftsman with many years of experience.  Because their reputations are of utmost importance to them, they guide their staff to achieve the standards on which  their business was established.

Whether you are considering a traditional domestic species or an exotic wood from a far corner of the world, our knowledgeable team at Phoenix Flooring will guide you through the selection process. 

Our “green” commitment. Wood is one of the best flooring options for the eco-conscious consumer. Consideration should be given to where the product is coming from, how the wood has been harvested and what finishes are used on the flooring.  We are committed to helping you find an environmentally-friendly option for your home and encourage you to visit the following link to learn more about “green” home options: